Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Charles Wang moment from the Oilers' new owner

The following is a dramatization based on real events.

Georges Laraque: "The Lat Pulldown is really two movements; the first movement is pulling the bar down without bending the elbows. A very subtle movement. Only then do you pull the bar down to your chin and engage the back muscles."
Daryl Katz: "How many reps should I do?"
Georges Laraque: "The question is, how many can you do? Just like the leg presses we did earlier, with large muscle groups I like to do as many reps as I can until failure. You'll get better results."
Daryl Katz (taking a casual swig of G2 sports drink): "So, uh, how much has Montreal offered?"
Georges Laraque (wiping down the lat pulldown machine): "Well, it's a very generous offer... $1.5 mill over three years."
Daryl Katz: "Huh... I see..."
Georges Laraque: "You ready for the leg press?"
Daryl Katz: "What if the Oilers offered you an extra year?"
Georges Laraque: "Really? You'd do that?"
Daryl Katz: "Is the Rexall Family of Pharmacies your medication expert?"
Georges Laraque: "I... uh."
Daryl Katz: "That's a yes."
Georges Laraque: "Check out my sartorius."

PS: Keep on filling out the survey in the post below. It's interesting to hear from the regulars on this blog who apparently live everywhere except Edmonton. Also, a warm can of Wildcat is at stake.


Lord Bob said...

I support the idea of Ed Belfour s a general manager somewhere, just so he can offer Brett Hull a billion dollars.

marriedtotheoil said...

I had no idea Katz had such beautiful legs. Wow! This is what I miss for being one of your millions of out-of-town readers...

Doogie2K said...

The sartorius muscle truly is a hell of a thing.