Friday, August 22, 2008

Survey says

Although I've had the pleasure of meeting some fellow Oilers bloggers in person, I realized that I don't really know much about the people who regularly comment on this blog. The always-welcome names of Doogie2k, Lord Bob, Garyb and doritogrande come to mind, but there are plenty of others. In the spirit of trying to blog during the summer, I'm going to pull up just short of "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" and suggest a survey. Anyone is welcome to fill it out, of course.

1. Tell us who you are and what you do (the "who" and "do" are open to interpretation, of course).
2. Describe, in your own special way, your feelings about Edmonton.
3. If you were a professional hockey player that played for the Oilers at some point, past or present, who would you be?
4. Last great book read.
5. What number am I thinking of? (Winner gets a warm, Fed-Exed can of Wildcat, courtesy of CinO).

Plus, I need a context-free to post this video again. I scream this song every morning when I take a shower:


Craig said...
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Earl Sleek said...

1. By day, a data analyst named John. By night, a Ducks blogger named Earl. In both cases, down in Irvine, CA.

2. I don't despise Edmonton like some Ducks fans. In fact, if I had a winter spine, I'd probably enjoy an evening centered around Oilers hockey.

3. Jiri Dopita (was that his name?). Whoever best represents not living up to the hype.

4. "How to hook up your XBox 360".

5. Hmm, 445?

Craig said...

1. Craig
- insanely infrequent commenter.
- former Edmontonian
- current resident of Castlegar, BC (home of Mr. Horcoff!)

2. I stuck up for Edmonton for years while I lived there, but once I moved away it's shortcoming became more apparent. That said, I miss the summer festival scene.

3. Barrie Stafford

4. Collapse by Jared Diamond

5. 69

Jonathan said...

1. I'm Jonathan Willis, and I do quality control and instrumentation for a mid-size oilfield rentals company. I also cover in safety.
2. I'm fairly neutral on Edmonton.
3. Janne Niinimaa
4. To Rule The Waves
5. 9.

jd said...

Not to take away from the survey but nothing quite says 80's like montage , slow mo and long hair does it?

1. JD Campbell. I work for TELUS as a product advisor and support person for all things TELUS care. I reside currently out of Montreal but was defending our honor in Calgary for the past three years.

2. i was born with blue skin and copper hair. After 15 years of skin grafts and experimental hair procedures i was freed from my prison thanks in part to just for men and Walt Frazier. I now cheer for the only thing in life I can relate to. the copper and blue jerseys of the Edmonton Oilers.

3. Boris Mironov, as the guy really knew how to light it up. Playing skills side of things would probably have to be Doug Weight. What a gem of a goal his breakaway against Calgary, way back, was.

4. Blink

5. 6, 12, or 24?

Temujin said...

1) My name is Andrew, and I run a Cleaning Services company in Smithers, BC. We focus on water, fire and smoke damage restoration and clean-up, but also do furnace duct cleaning and residential/commercial carpet cleaning.

2) I've been to Edmonton once, in November 2006. Watched the most boring hockey game ever. A 2-1 Oiler victory over the Canucks. Dany Sabourin let in the first two shots he faced, and that was the only excitment until the end of the game when the Canucks got on the board. It was the only time I have ever been in Rexall Place, and I never once thought "Edmonton really needs a new arena". I liked the city, but hate the team!

3)Ryan Smyth.

4)"A History of Vietnam" by Stanley Karnow

5)If you aren't consistently thinking of the number 99, are you really an Oilers fan?

marriedtotheoil said...

1) Grad student writing dissertation (sadly this counts for both parts).

2) The first Canadian city I ever visited. Where my husband's from. Freakin' cold. In my top five places to eventually live. (Only one more year to go in TX!) Properly appreciative of hot beverages, fireplaces, and snuggling up to watch hockey on a cold night.

3) Zack Stortini--I mean well but am a wee bit odd.

4) Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain.

5) 34.

MikeP said...

ok, I'll nom.

1. MikeP, kraigus, take your pick - I'm a sysadmin at a university in Waterloo, ON. That means I type a hell of a lot in between telling people how to set their passwords and check their email. I'm also a part time undergrad taking philosophy and psychology.

2. Sometimes I miss it - lived there 1980-84 - but generally I'm neutral.

3. If you were a professional hockey player that played for the Oilers at some point, past or present, who would you be?

3. Vish. Elbows high in the corners, facewash when nobody's looking, last guy between the attacker and the goalie, doesn't always engage brain before speaking, fabulous grudge-holder.

4. Cliff Stoll, Cuckoo's Egg. For fiction, Robert McCammon, Boy's Life. although I almost said Coupland's jPod.

5. Four. And if not, you should be.

MikeP said...

bah, left my cheater for #3 in. See what I mean about mouth before brain?

Weeza said...

I've never commented on your blog before, but I've thought about it - does that count? If not, then this is the "get to know your audience" part of the survey.

1. I'm 30-something, married, no kids, 4 cats, work at the UofA, newly addicted to Guitar Hero (I covered the plastic guitar with Hello Kitty stickers), and surviving the hockey-less summer by watching the entire Buffy TV series on DVD.

2. I love Edmonton. 10 yrs ago, hubby and I visited here, and it somehow felt like home. So we moved here.

3. Georges Laraque. Not because I'm a fighter, but because I like to make corny jokes.

4. The World Without Us.

5. One million.

Keep up the good blog.

Canuckfan said...

1. I am a Canuck fan, which means I am bitter and desperate. I work at UBC in Vancouver.

2. I've only visited a couple of times: once as an 18 year old from Victoria, enjoying your lower drinking age, and once for a job interview in January, not enjoying your weather. I'd never heard the term "ice fog" until then. I have no particular feelings either way about your city. I hatehatehate your hockey team. That being said, I cheered for you on your unlikely Cup run a couple of years ago--until I remembered what insufferable bastards Oil fans become after you win. So I cheered against you in game 7. Yay.

3. Ryan Smyth. So dumb to trade him. Sooo dumb. Almost Canuck-level dumb.

4. Troublesome Young Men, Lynne Olson.

5. Five.

Chappy said...

1. jeffrey chapman, hence the handle - greensboro, north carolina USA. i work for UPS.

2. i've never been. I'm sure it's quite nice.

3. kelly buchberger

4. "the modern drunkard" by Frank Kelly Rich

5. 17


gary b said...

1. Hello, i'm Gary B. What i am is human, and who i do… well, thas kinda personal.

seriously - graphic designer for the last 14 years.

2. Edmonton. the location of some of my greatest moments, and most tremendous failures. i'm in Cranbrook, BC, now, but i still miss E-town. Metro Cinema, Chinatown, all the good international eats on 118th Ave., and some silly hockey team, of course.

3. when i was a wee lad i would have said Jari Kurri. grown up me says Smytty/Grier. In REAL LIFE, my on-ice hockey-playing worth would roughly equal Louie Debrusk's left skate.

4. Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds, or The City Man by Howard Akler.

5. 98.6

therealdeal said...

1. My name is Kyle and I used to work for a hockey equipment company but now I'm going back to school.

2. Well I'm moving there in about a week, so...

3. Probably Marc Andre Bergeron or some other defenceman who was completely overwhelmed.

4. Future Greats and Heartbreaks.

5. 6, as in, the 6th cup.

Black Dog said...

1) Pat. Father of three, husband of one. All about the trip. Other then that, not much else is important. Plus I'm a butler.

2) Went there last November as part of the year long celebration of the big 4-0. Had a terrific time (much thanks to Andy and Van)- a great Canadian city.

3) Hustle Bobby Russell. Actually its Thoresen. Defensively responsible, work like a bugger, hands of cement.

4) Half of a Yellow Sun.

5) 26

Steve said...

1. Steve Smith. I'm in the process of moving to New Brunswick to attend law school, which is how I found myself at your birthday party. Before this law school thing, I worked at the student newspaper that spawned this blog's contributors for three years. Although I managed to never actually meet you until I wound up at your birthday party.

2. It's kind of a shithole, but dammit it's my shithole. I am going to miss it a great deal. Though it wasn't on the list of things I thought I'd miss (which included the river valley, the Oilers, and RATT), I am beginning to suspect that what I'll miss the most is the delightfully dry climate.

3. Steve Smith.

4. I listened to "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" by David Sedaris as an audiobook through a good portion of Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois.

5. 3*pi/2

Jamie said...

1) Jamie Montgomery. Former of Edmonton, now of Uppsala, Sweden. 2 kids + 1 wife. Studying logisitics. Very part time blogger of Oilers prospects (past & present) in Sweden.

2)Spent a 1/4 century of my life living and breathing the inferiority complex of being north of Cowtown and further north of the industrialised complex of the USA. Not to mention, I lived in the concrete suburbs... but it was bliss. Many fine childhood memories were watching 99 et. al from Section U, row 11 seats 5 & 6. I miss the diversity of restaurants & the big sky.

3) Growing up I was all about the stay-at-home defensemen with single digit numbers. Fogolin, Lowe, Coffey... although Coffey wasn't stay-at-home, he was an awesome skater and rusher. Despite this, I'm going to go with Willy Lindström.

4) Besides a textbook called Logistik A/B, the Tao of Pooh (Ben Hoff).


Lord Bob said...

1) In spite of my deceiving online handle, I am neither a Bob nor nobility. I am, in fact, a Ben, a commoner, and a computer technician currently living in Victoria, British Columbia.

2) You see that bit at the end of question one where I mention "currently living in Victoria, British Columbia"? Well, since I've lived in the Edmonton area most of my life, I was only too happy to get the hell out.

That said, I do feel a certain affection for it. Edmonton, to me, is a mid-80s American car that never starts on a winter morning, doesn't have a working heater, and pulls drastically to the right, and what the hell do you mean buy a new one? This is a great car! I don't want to drive it but I want to have it.

3) I'd be Mike Krushelnyski. Not the most talented guy, kinda a nomad, but a solid role player and the sort of guy who'd cause you to look back ten years later and say "hey, remember Mike Krushelnyski?"

4) I've been getting into Terry Pratchett's Discworld series lately but I couldn't really call any of the ones I've read so far great - the closest I'd get is Peter Clarke's The Last Thousand Days of the British Empire.

5) You're not thinking of a number at all, you cad!

pete said...

1) As the moniker implies, I'm Pete. 20-something. Journalist. Have worked at a variety of newspapers and magazines in and around Toronto, currently at the Star.

2) Only visited once, when I was about 15, on a family vacation. I recall very little, other than -- and I'm not making this up -- i liked it a lot more than Calgary. Do with that info what you will. Hell of a hockey team back in the day, too. I hear it's a frozen wasteland, but I actually like that in a city.

3) Definitely not a shooter, but quite a good passer/set-up man. Decent wheels. Steady, unflashy, and defensively sound. So much so, I'm probably a d-man. Which means I'm probably Mr. Kevin Lowe. But I WISH I was Ryan Smyth.

4)The Raw Shark Texts. Falls apart a little toward the end, but a hell of a good brain workout and page-turner.

5) 5? Cups.

puppies said...

1. I don't comment 'round here very much. 30ish, grew up in Edmonton, now live in Vancouver working in the games 'industry'.

2. It's been about 10 years, but I could still navigate to the top of the WEM waterslides blindfolded.
lord bob brilliantly summed how I feel in general.

3. Tikkanen. "He brings something special. I don't know what it is, but if you ask him, you couldn't understand his answer."

4. Mushrooms Demystified.

5. 53

Kirk said...
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Kirk said...

1. Kirk Lilwall. I'm an assistant editor at the IMAX corporation in Mississauga, Ontario, (which basically means I am part of a team that makes sure the IMAX version of movies look as good on our screens as they do on 35mm screens; oh, and I get to see movies like The Dark Knight about 2 months before most folks.)

2. I was born there and will be appalled if the city builds a new arena.

3. MacT, I suppose. Skate hard and kill penalties. Oh, and fuck helmets.

4. Just re-read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

5. Based on my answer for #4, I have to say 42.

Graham said...

1. I'm Graham. I'm a grad student and literature lecturer and I'm currently in Melbourne, Australia.

2. I grew up in E-town, and miss it a lot until I return on trips home (usually during winter). It's a good place to be a kid in.

3. Bob Essensa

4. Are You There God? It's Me Margaret by Judy Blume (I'm teaching children's literature right now)

5. 17

Robert said...

1. Robert, engineer doing infosec work.

2. I've lived in Edmonton more than half my life and I'm now closer to 40 than 35. I went to the U of A and decided to not moved to Ottawa like all my buddies, but instead to live in Edmonton for a couple years to see what it was like. That was 15 years, three cats, a mortgage and a wife and kid ago. I stayed because of all of that, and grew to love the city in the meantime.

3. Kelly Buchberger - just so I could score That Goal against Dallas.

4. My Country by Pierre Berton.

5. 42

Robert said...

I just watched the video, and is it just me or would the Boys on the Bus get fucking smoked by 2/3 of the teams in the NHL these days? The skill level that blew my mind 25 years ago seems kinda tame today. Then again, with modern training, etc., that team would be even better.

Tania said...

1. My name is Tania, I live in Vancouver, grew up in Northern BC (you have to drive beyond Smithers), and work as a policy analyst for a NGO. I usually comment under an alias but I'm too lazy to log out of gmail to log in again.

2. I LOVE Edmonton. Back when I worked for government (the soul suckers), I wanted to transfer to Edmonton while everyone wanted to transfer to Vancouver. My parents went to residential school in Edmonton and my Mom made lifelong friends there that we visited every summer growing up. My special set of grandparents lived across the street from a family close to Gretzky so he'd autograph stuff and they'd send it to us. I fly to Edmonton at least a couple of times a season to catch games with my people so I don't have to worry about my safety while cheering on my boys here in vancity.

3. Esa Tikkanen. Because unless I'm on your team, you'll hate me. But wish I was on your team.

4. Last great book I read as often as I can, The Strength To Love, by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

5. You're a guy. So I'm not typing what number you're thinking but you should be ashamed of yourself since this is kind of a family blog!

Art Vandelay said...

is it just me or would the Boys on the Bus get fucking smoked by 2/3 of the teams in the NHL these days?

It's just you.

Kirk said...

Has anyone submitted that song for the new HNIC theme yet?

Tybalt said...

1. I am Tybalt, Destroyer of Worlds. I live in Hamilton.

2. I feel that Edmonton is very cold and some of my favourite people live there. It will be one of the last places to be Destroyed, I suppose.

3. I'd like to be Dave Semenko but I know I'm really Pat Conacher.

4. The Ball Is Round by David Goldblatt which I finished yesterday.

5. Two.

My security word is "jygrmzib", which is the noise that Huselius's spleen makes when Stortini nails him up against the corner boards.

GMCN Innovations said...

1) My name is Graeme, I just finished Engineering at the U of A and am 22. I am living and working in small town, Czech Republic until Christmas which so far has given me lots of time to check out the blogosphere.
2) I'm a born and raised Edmontonian. It's my home.
3) Ryan Smyth. He's been my hero since I was 12.
4) '3 Cheers for me' by Donald Jack. I don't think it's that famous of a book, but I read 'Moby Dick' right before that one.
5) 28

amw said...

1. amw, aka 'another mike w', aka mike w. i'm an info security consultant/project manager. 35+ year oiler fan. was at the 84 game when they first won the cup...

2. well, love-hate right? love the oilers in the winter, the weather and river valley in the summer. hate the 8 month winters, south-side construction war-zone, lack of progessive thinking here (on so many topics)...

3. Pisani.

4. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet (fiction); Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby (non-fiction).

5. gotta be 99.

Kent W. said...

1. Kent Wilson - Veep for a small R&D tech company in Calgary. Thinking about going back to get a Law degree though (cuz if there's one thing America needs...its more lawyers).
2. Pee-pee soaked heck hole
3. Mike Comrie
4. Rant by Palahniuk
5. Number 8...number 8...number 8...

James Mirtle said...

1. I'm Mirtle, work at the paper
2. It was the land of milk and honey when I worked in Bonnyville
3. Paul Coffey
4. The Game
5. 33

Kish said...
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Kish said...

1. Graeme, 30, director at a provincial not-for-profit sport org. Married with first kid due in Dec.
2. Edmontonian born and raised, with 1 to 3 year stints in Tokyo, Banff and Ottawa
3. Glenn Anderson
4. kinda cliche, i know, but "Guns, germs and steel"
5. #6

Colm in Belfast said...

1) My name is Colm and I am the deputy editor of a weekly newspaper in Belfast

2)Wistfully nostalgic for a time when Whyte Ave was for the "alternatives"

3)Lyndsay Middlebrook. Great mullet, brilliant moustache and my name on the Stanley Cup with minimal effort

4) Dublin V Kerry: The Story of the Epic Rivalry That Changed Irish Sport. I know none of you will read it, but there is no better sports writer in the world than Tom Humphries

5) Eleventy billion

Jameso said...

1. I'm James, an exceptionally junior member (for a few more weeks, anyhow) of the British civil service, soon to be a grad student.

2. I've never been, I'm afraid.

3. God, I'd love to be a Smyth or a Pisani, but I am really not worthy.

4. Michael Chabon's Yiddish Policemen's Union

5. 19

Lord Bob said...

'3 Cheers for me' by Donald Jack. I don't think it's that famous of a book, but I read 'Moby Dick' right before that one.

And here I thought I was the only one in the world who'd read any of those. I read Three Cheers for Me on a really long car ride when I was a kid and that, as they say, was that.

And copies of some of them are a bitch to get a-hold of, too.

Oilman said...

1. Darren - Engineering. I see the glass as neither half full or half empty - I just see a poorly designed's just too damn big.

2. I can honestly say that I would not want to live anywhere else in Canada than in the burbs of Edmonton.

3. Grant Fuhr - just whiter.

4. Do children's books count? My three year old loves Little Critter stories - they're great.

5. Absolute Zero.

Patty (in Dallas) said...

1. Patty (in Dallas). I'm a (kind of) software developer in, um, Dallas.

2. I have never been to Edmonton but would love to visit someday. Every year I say this is the year I see a Stars game in Edmonton, but it hasn't happened yet.

3. Probably Rob Schremp. I have a lot of superficial tricks, but they're not getting me very far.

4. I'm usually more of a lurker here, and I wasn't going to answer, but somebody mentioned Donald Jack books and I had to chime in! I thought I was the only one that ever heard of them, too. I think I'll go re-read them now.

5. 8

LittleFury said...

As a relatively newly minted ex-Edmontonian (does that even make sense?) I'm not sure I qualify, but what the heck:

1) Jeremy. I'm a flak. And a hack. Former servant of his magesty King Ralph, current lotus-eater.

2) When I lived there, I always found a kind word to say about Edmonton, a city with a heart as big as the six lane freeways that pass for quiet residential boulevards there. Having just returned from a short visit to the 780, I can safely say the only way to save that town is to burn it to the foundations, salt the earth upon which it stood and ship everyone who lives there who can answer a series of skill testing questions somewheres decent like Saskatoon.

4) "Then We Came To The End" by Joshua Ferris

5) Reijo Ruotsalainen. We all remember the Finn from his alleterative moniker and two Cups with the orange and blue, but how many people know that his pro hockey career lasted 23 years? The people who maintain his wikipedia entry sure do.

6) e.

Rock Deputy said...

1. My name is Cody Petruk, I'm going to school in Chicago.
2. I grew up in Sherwood Park with Chris and Mike, not far from the aforementioned ragged-porn-filled ravine. Chris' early sideburns guaranteed a steady supply of Pirate Peach and Big Bear. Edmonton is where all of my family and (most of my) friends live so I make a trip back twice a year. However, at present, I have no intention of ever moving back.
3. Paul Coffey.
4. Guns, Germs and Steel. Jared Diamond
5. 44

Darien said...

1. Darien in Toronto - currently a student and long-suffering Leafs fan. Yes, I know we suck. Yes, I know we will continue to suck for a long time. Going to move to Korea for a while to teach English.

2. My mom's side of the family settled there after immigrating from China, so we visit once a year on average. Cold. Hot. Saw an oilers game in Rexall (5-4 win over Minnesota) which is one more game than I've seen the leafs live. Followed the oiler's SC run on this site, but found it more entertaining when the oilers lost. I kinda feel bad, but this site is hilarious when the oilers tank.

3. The most overpaid, underworked winger you can think of.

4. Bagguio Cooking Instructions

5. 37

Lowetide said...

1. Name is Lain, work in media.

2. I love Edmonton. It's a very nice city with terrific people and bedroom communities that are basically 1975. Great place to raise your kids. I think people who were born and live in Edmonton have no idea how lucky they are.

3. Francois Leroux. He couldn't skate either.

4. Searching for Bobby Orr

5. 4

BenJammin said...

1. Ben Petruk- special needs teacher (most days I'm the one with the special needs)

2. Grew up in the Park outside of Edmonton. Sal Comp alumni (Chris and Mike I hope they raise your names to the rafters for this blog someday)I too think that this is a great place to grow up (and hence raise kids) but it can be a depressingly brown grind through most of the year)

3. Pisani

4. Reading the Rocks: The Autobiography of the Earth
Marcia Bjornerud

5. 9- what with the Glenn's Hall of Fame induction and number retirement?

Rob... said...

1. Rob, I'm a business lender at a local bank.

2. I lived for most my life in Edmonton, so it's always home for me, no matter where I go.

3. Messier was always my favorite, not that I could ever dream of actually playing like him.

4. Recently read Sun Tzu's Art of War and am reading Gullivers Travels now.

5. 78

Bruce said...

1. My name is Bruce, and I'm an astronomer. Currently work at the Public Observatory at Telus World of Science - Edmonton.

2. Love: the Coliseum (aka "Rexall Place"), the river valley, Folk Fest, spring summer fall and the other eight months known as hockey season.
Don't love: Light pollution, endless construction zones, the endless Tory Dynasty.

3. Past: Mike Zanier. Feel like I contributed personally to bringing that first Cup to Edmonton, even though in reality I had fuck-all to do with it.
Present: Dwayne Roloson. Ultra-competitive netminder who despite veteran savvy is losing his edge and feeling more than a little testy about it.

4. Starlight Nights: Adventures of a Star-Gazer by Leslie Peltier (for about the sixth time).

5. 50/39

Scarlett said...

1. I'm Marsha, and I work at the University of Alberta.

2. LOVE! I love everything about Edmonton....cold winters, hot summers (yes it does get hot), festival season, Oilers, Eskimos, PC government. All good! I'm from Hicksville, Manitoba and couldn't wait to move out here. Going on 5 years, and starting my 4th year as an Oilers season ticket holder. Glory days are here!

3. Messier! Skilled and dirty, just the way a hockey player (or man) should be!

4. Just finished Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol and currently reading Faust by Goethe.

5. 11 (you saw this coming, right?)

Kara said...

1. I've been posting as 'k'. I'm Kara, I'm an Events Coordinator.

2. I believe it was gary b who put it best: "the location of some of my greatest moments, and most tremendous failures."

Amen. Lived there for three years full of the heavenly highs and hellish lows of my life and I will always have a place in my heart reserved for Edmonton. That plus I left the city a few weeks after the beauty playoff run which solidified my love.

3. "There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Stan Weir allows to live."

4. Hmm.. I just finished the last Sandman.

5. What number am I thinking of?


jayoil said...

1. Name is Jay, I rarely post but have been reading this blog faithfully since I found it at the end of last season. I make maps for an oil & gas environmental consultant. Follow everything Oilers.
2. I went to UofA and now live in Calgary. I really, really, really miss the trees and NSask river valley. (sniff) Got my little boy cheering for the Oil, now have to work on #2 when he joins this world in November!
3. Mike Krushelnyski, No.26, Mr.Alphabet, he wasn't the best player but man, you could never forget his name! He was Ukranian too, like my heritage!
4. Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay
5. 410?

Ryan Budney said...

1) I'm a mathematics prof in Victoria. I tend to post anonymously most often because it hides my lack of knowledge of most things pro hockey related. Oilers blogs have been a way for me to keep up to date on aspects of Edmonton while I've been away from Canada.

2) I've lived for 15 years in Edmonton and still miss it, even if it is changing from the city I knew as a kid. I miss the people, family, winters, the outdoor skating, river valley and the relatively sensible government when compared to BC. That is not meant to be a compliment to the Alberta government, more a "well, there's always worse -- look at BC" kind of thing.

3) My hockey skills might be least highly exaggerated by a comparison with Kelly Buchburger at his worst.

4) 4-manifolds and Kirby Calculus by Gompf and Stipsicz. For a technical book on manifold topology it's quite the page-turner.

5) 0

R-Gib said...

Hi there, I'm a Civil Engineer living in Kimberley BC. I've been a diehard Oilers fan since I was a little kid... even went through a phase at 10 yrs old where I "hated" the Oilers for trading Gretz... but I soon came around just like everyone else! I mostly joined bcs I have no one to discuss the Oilers with! Most hockey fans around here are either Calgary (nearest big city) or Vancouver (loyal to BC). I am new to the blogging world... just started my own Oilers blog (of which I haven't been very good at updating yet!) at:
I look forward to sharing my ideas and opinions with the MANY others out there!

2. Edmonton has always been a special place far away to visit - with the promise of a potential game here or there. I think it still holds that allure in the back of my mind because as a kid from a small town venturing out to the big city to catch a game and go to the West Ed Mall was heaven!

3. I would dream that I was Kurri - taking the sweet feed from Gretz and sniping top corner... but realistically probably Marchant: small, speedy and rocks for hands!

4. Any Given Power by Alissa York

5. A bit cliche, but I'm going with number 99!

Doogie2K said...

Wait, "always-welcome"? And listed first? Shit, if I'd known that, I'd have skipped LT's and come directly here with my grandparents' precious few dial-up Internet minutes a week ago.

1. I'm Doogie2K, aka Jason, 22 next month, originally from Drumheller, AB, and currently a second-year Kinesiology/Biomechanics student at the University of Calgary. I also do research as a part-time school-year/full-time summer job, and have a paper published in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. I sometimes write about sports, mostly the Oilers, here. I also make a mean Origami card-holder: just ask Ender.

2. Edmonton is a city that is 98% built in the Northwest quadrant. I don't know if that's navigational genius or conceptual retardation, but whatever works for you, I guess. Also, one of my enduring memories of Edmonton (besides Whyte Ave after Game 6 of the Finals -- I loved the stupid-drunk woman who walked right up to the cop in the middle of the street and showed him her tits) was driving through the north side and seeing more Ukrainian churches than Roman Catholic churches. (Not that that's a bad thing: Ukrainian Orthodox churches are beautiful.)

3. Tommy Salo. In my second-ever game as a soccer goalie a few weeks ago, I let a 35-foot floater bounce in front of me, straight over my head, and trickle into the net as I helplessly chased it. (Runner-up: Ethan Moreau, for stupidly blocking a slapshot with my bare leg in a rec game of ball hockey. That fucker still hurts some days, and it's been a good six months.)

4. My Life in Hockey by Jean Beliveau, finished earlier this vacation. If you ever needed a demonstration of the kind of man Le Gros Bill is, read the book. Some great insights into the old game, the new game, and a life well-lived. I apparently can't get enough of books by former Habs legends, as evidenced by the fact that I also have Ken Dryden's The Game on my shelf.

5. Well, at this rate, most of the good ones are taken. Let's go with #7, the number of Jim Harrison, Ron Chipperfield, and some guy named Coffey.

Kirsten said...

1. I'm a third year university student, but up until recently I spent my time teaching little helluns about nature for the government. I'm originally from Minnesota, but I go to school in Oregon.
2. I love winter and cold, so I loved visiting a friend of mine last winter. (She's a UofA student) I had a great, drunken trip (I LOVE the age 18 drinking age, stupid US laws), and I almost got converted to being an Oilers fan full time instead of secretly.
3. Jason Smith. Bad. Ass.
4. 1491. It's about the Americas before white people came. Extremely interesting read, I recommend it to anyone who read and liked Guns, Germs, and Steel.
5. 47

docweb said...

1. Small town MD in town between Calgary and Lethbridge. Hint...has a "Starship Enterprise" featured in Ford ad a few years ago.
2. My wife and I did our University years in Edmonton. At that time we had the fortune of having season tickets through the "glory years" but gave them up with the birth of our first child in '86. We became season tickets holders again 7 years ago again for the family. Edmonton will always be the "city" for me. If you have ever travelled overseas you will know that you never really feel Canadian until you leave the country. Similarly you never really know what it means to be an Oiler fan until you are living in Flames territory!! As well...Edmonton always to me feels like a Canadian city vs. Calgary where Mom (Mum) is pronounced Mawm as if you were raised in Utah.
3. Jason Smith...solid,dependable
4. Midnight Hockey, Bill Gaston (any of you who play oldtimer hockey will love this book!!)

Anonymous said...

1. edmonton oilers
2. goilers!
3. all of them
4. pick one
5. 99. the oiler number.

Jonathan R said...

1. Jonathan R. from Saskatoon. Posted under many names because I was too lazy to sign in to blogger. Currently studying for a decade long bachelor degree at the U of S...

2. It says much about Saskatoon when people regularly drive 6 hours to Edmonton to go to a bloody mall, I prefer the Oilers games, so maybe I'm just as crazy.

3. Grant Fuhr(ious)

4. Pincher Martin

5. 5

NotLeeFogolin said...

1. i'm 28. i work f/t at the U. of alberta and am a f/t grad student.

2. i've lived in the gulf islands, the lower mainland, calgary, montreal, and london, england. i currently reside in edmonton, and have no plans of leaving.

3. sven butenschon, of course.

4. basic writings, martin heidegger

5. 40000000

Doogie2K said...

basic writings, martin heidegger

Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar who could think you under the table...

(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Shawn said...

1. I'm Shawn Mullin. I'm a sports show host, sports director and the play by play guy for the Trail Smoke Eaters at Mountain FM radio in Castlegar, BC.

2. Despite being an Oilers fan I had never been to Edmonton before last March. There's only so much you can learn about a place in 6 hours however. It wasn't as cold as I expected.

3. Kevin Lowe, I always wore #4 but not for Orr.

4. Book? Not for a while sadly.

5. 83

T.C. Shaw said...

1. Terry Cox (aka 'T.C. Shaw'), onetime graphic artist/writer for an Edmonton arts & entertainment weekly; single dad; mediocre--no, make that 'fair to middlin'' ball hockey goalie (but with sexy, Bernie Parent-style goalie pads!); once scored a solo goal against the Bob Marley-less Wailers in a pickup game of soccer backstage at Hawrelak Park.

2. My hometown. Born and raised here; raised my only son here (he's 22 now). I hide it well, but get bothered by cheap shots at good ol' E-Town. I grew up 5 blocks from The Cromdale; I remember the Edmonton Gardens, Royal American Shows' trains coming in for the Exhibition, the big hole where the Coliseum now sits, and the four meat-packing plants close to where I lived(Burns, Swift's, Gainers, and Canada Packers, if you were curious). I live in Vancouver now, but East Van, which is like the "north end" to me.
3. Brett Calleghen (who showed up uninvited at training camp and won a spot on the roster as an undrafted NHL rookie).
4. 'Personality Crisis - Warm Beer & Wild Times' by Chris Walter
5. 99, naturally...

T.C. Shaw said...

Damn... I meant to mention, for Q#2: I loved (and miss terribly) skating outdoors. You could throw your skates over your shoulder and walk five or six blocks in any direction and you'd find a rink. Plyed minor hockey for Elmwood Park (their rink is between The Sands Hotel and the Yellowhead, just west of Fort Road).

Anonymous said...

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