Monday, September 15, 2008

Extremely trenchant observations from the Oilers rookie game

After months of talking about Oilers hockey without being able to actually watch any of it, seeing the Oilers' rookies play last night (against the Flames' rookies in Camrose, via webcast) had an almost lecherous quality to it, not unlike a degenerate gambler eyeballing horses at the track.

Theo Peckham looked great. Most guys with any pro experience stood out (including Colin McDonald), but Peckham was easily the best defenceman on the ice. Sebastien Bisaillon also held his own. Taylor Chorney was kind of shaky at times.

Jordan Eberle: looked like a little puck-handling ferret playing with older guys, but clearly had some moves whenever found some space, which wasn't often.

Geoff Paukovich: for a guy that has a thing for hitting guys from behind, he really likes to hit guys from behind. Another dude was taken off on a stretcher after one of his hits. Yikes.

Devan Dubnyk: I'd say he played well, but it was all of the little things like rebound control and good positioning, so I can't say I noticed too much. Compared to the goalie at the Penguins rookie camp that I saw on the TSN last night, he looked like an All-Star.

Wait a minute, it says here on my lineup card that Ryan O'Marra played in the game last night... apparently.

Actually, what was really impressive was the fourth line, which featured three guys you've never heard of:
Hans Benson, Ryan MacMurchy and the Assistant Coach's kid, Ryan Huddy. They may have looked good because they are all in their mid-twenties with some pro experience, but they had pep: Benson was notably looking for fights that weren't even there, clobbering some guy for a clean hit and then getting a penalty for it.

Tonight is the annual rookie game against the U of A at Clare Drake arena, although I'm not sure if it's being webcast from the Oilers site just yet.


DMFB said...

I'm sort of bummed there was little in the way of publicity for the online broadcast: I, too, could have used the hit of actual hockey.

mike w said...

Well, you are in luck, ferret-penis.

Tonight's rookies game against the Canucks is being webcast on the Oilers site.

DMFB said...

But now I'm too busy to actually watch it! ACK!!

Anyway, when did the NHL come up with this whole rookie tournament thingy? It's a great idea.

doritogrande said...

...I get to watch hockey tonight? Screw the statistics assignment!