Monday, September 22, 2008

It's game time!

Yesterday Team Blue beat the hated(?) Team White for the Joey Moss Cup, but now we're looking down the barrel of four pre-season games in four nights. I am both eager and made nervous by this in-your-face test of my fandom. Meanwhile the team has made some easy cuts to their training camp roster:

Assigned to Springfield: (G) Glenn Fisher, Bryan Pitton; (D)Jordan Bendfeld, Rob Bina, Mike Gabinet, Cleve Kinley, Milan Maslonka; (F): Jamie Bates (RW), Marc-Andre Bernier (RW), Carl Corazzini (RW), Toby Lafrance (C), Ryan MacMurchy (RW), Les Reaney (LW), David Rohlfs (RW)

Poor Glenn Fisher. The guy had a rough rookie game made only worse by the backhanded praise from Bob Stauffer and pretty much anyone associated with the Oilers. To sum up: Fisher is what he is, a decent ECHL goalie at best. And with fair appraisal obscured by the fact that most of the veteran players will always look good playing against Junior kids, I can't say much for or against these guys being sent down to Springfield. Bendfeld seemed intriguing, but he didn't stand out enough for me to get a good read on the guy. MacMurchy and Bernier also had some moments. Maslonka is ridiculously huge but can't skate.

Sent back to Juniors: Philippe Cornet (LW), Milan Kytnar (C), Kyle Paige (LW), Dalton Prout (D), Tony Pisano (D)

Cornet had a nice showing for a guy that weighs almost as little as I do and at 18 is still basically a child. I will make no apologies for for not having much to say about the rest there's a limit to the amount of time I'll spend squinting at low-res webcasts for the names on the back of jerseys.

And released outright, albeit with a tote bag that includes an official Oilers technical t-shirt: Kalvin Sagert (D)

Kalvin, I feel your pain. I knew halfway through the shuttle runs during my Jr. High basketball team's tryouts that it was all over and that I had no chance, so I didn't even wait around to see the roster cuts on the board. I think after that I probably went to the local video store to find something unrated that might have nudity. Adolesence is all about competing interests, some more productive than others.

The Oilers' first pre-season game against the piece-of-shit Canucks is tonight! Break out the popcorn and Jack Daniels because it's being webcast on the Oilers' site, too. As much as I like to rail against the team's shameless plays for tax money and the general smarminess of Patrick LaForge, I have to give the team credit for recognizing fan interest in the preseason and providing the free webcasts. It's especially nice for a dude 3,000km away.

*Update* I should have read the small print in the webcast information, as it's limited to the Prairies. I take back everything nice that I said!


loudog said...

Mike, don't feel too bad. I'm in Edmonton and can't see anything either.

The Oilers site mentioned that the game would be streamed live for those in the prairies up until 7:15... now theres no mention of that anywhere. Shitheads!

Trying to find a solution.. I really want to see this.

mike w said...

Try NHL Centre Ice's site, if they have one.

Another option: bite the bullet and buy NHL Centre Ice on cable. I just did and it works outside the Prairies.

mike w said...

I see the Oilers are tempting fate by putting Moreau in a shot-blocking position on the PK.

loudog said...

Meh, its what? like 150$?

All I want to see are oilers game.. no need to see them all.

Looking into other solutions.. got TVU, but nothing NHL there. Last year it worked, though. but that was near the end of the season not the pre-seson mind you. oh well. go oil.

its 2-2 right now.

loudog said...

its now working

wuzzles said...

Did someone named "Gender" just score? Oh, it's "Gendur". Sounds classy.

sacamano said...

What the hell! If we can't win meaningless shootouts, how the hell are we going to pad our point totals?

And, may I just say, that for a guy who is supposed to be a shootout specialist, that was a pretty fucking lame attempt by Schremp.

Temujin said...

Dan Gendur and Jason Krog. Remember those names, classless Oil Fans!

So much for Garon being a stud in the shootouts. And what kind of drugs did Hemsky take before his shot?

Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

mike w said...

Temujin, you know that I have too much affection for you to be affected by your taunts.

And how could I forget a name that sounds like "gender"?

Temujin said...

It's nice how I always show up after the Canucks win, but I was nowhere to be seen during the first and second periods.

I'm charming that way.

I await the rematch GDT ...