Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lucky Louie, the Oilers' new Sportsnet dude

Rodin's The Thinker, with hockey glove.

This t-shirt is actually cool again.

So it's official. Former Oilers on-ice bouncer Louie DeBrusk is the team's new colourman for Sportsnet regional coverage, filling in the gaping analyst hole left behind with Ray Ferraro's departure to TSN. Just to show you how out of the loop I was, Global's Kevin Karius and Sportsnet utility man Sam Cosentino were also in the running, along with, ugh, Marty McSorley. Looks like Louie beat out some pretty solid candidates.

DeBrusk has been doing radio colour for the past four years for the Phoenix Coyotes, which I imagine is as far under the radar as you can get in the NHL hockey world. If you're bored enough at work, you can see his "Hot Stove" clips with Coyotes TV guy Darren Pang here. Seems polished enough, but we'll see how it goes over the long winter months (says the guy who forces himself to watch every game). You'll also notice that I didn't assume he was dumb because he was once an NHL enforcer. That is a stereotype. Which is evil.

Trivia: According to an old Matheson article in the Journal, DeBrusk is a frequent visitor to the Hockey Fights site and apparently thinks highly of Stortini as an agitator (I feel like I may be the one left that still thinks Stortini is too slow for the NHL).


sacamano said...

Here's some Hockey Trivia for you: when, exactly, did goons, become 'agitators'?

It's not like Stortini is the next Kenny Linseman.

DMFB said...

I think Louie just has a soft spot in his heart for the clearly over-matched who are expected to fight regularly.

Anyway, he can't possibly be worse than Rob Brown.

Suneil Parmar said...

Stortini had 99 hits, 17 blocked shots, only 12 giveaways to 5 takeaways. When you look at his ice time in relation to those stats he was by far the most frequent hitter on the team, was very decent in terms of blocked shots and giveaways. A much more effective player than someone like Boogaard who had only 32 hits, 3bks, 3gva, and 0tka.

I think if you look at his stats, you'd be very surprised by what you see.

I'm not seeing he's a great or even good player - but I think he's better than people give him credit for (not when it comes to fighting of course, but in other areas of the game).

crapsie said...

In spite of being punched probably 30-fold more times than Ferraro in his career, DeBrusk appears way more astute, collected and easy to listen to than Ferraro, imo. So I think that we all win as Oilers fans for the 40 or 50 or whatever it is Sportsnet Oiler telecasts. I also love that 'Lou-way, Lou-waaay!!' is a former Oil.

Ferraro's verbose commentary is an upgrade from Healy's cheezeball demeanor. So TSN just downgraded it's annoyingness. So that is good too.

If Karius got the call, I would have put my TV on mute every single game. He wears burgundy three-quarter length leather jackets to the bar and he's a supreme putz.

Cosentino has no zazz, and when I think of him, I think of the Blue Jays, and I'd rather not think of the Blue Jays.

McSorley?? Well, ever since his cameo in 'Bad Boys', I gained a respect for his on-camera, showtime abilities... Well, mind you, I was 15 when that movie came out.


jon k said...

I like how Louie's knuckles are all bruised in the second photo. Must have been a mid-season shoot.

Addicted-to-oil said...

Hey Crapsie - I totally saw Karius in his cheesey 3/4 length burgandy leather jacket in my condo building a few years back. It was probably like 2am on a weekend, and he was with another dude and two chicks. He looked like such a douche in that thing.
Ha! I'm glad someone else has seen him in that jacket!

johnashton said...

On behalf of all of us university-educated hockey goons, I would like to offer my gratitiude at your kindness in acknowledging that some of us pugilists are, in fact, capable of cognitive function, reason, and creative expression.

Perhaps Friedrich Nietzsche put it best: "He who fights against monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process."

John Ashton, B.A.
Political Science 2003, University of Windsor

P.S. Mez dreenk beers now???