Saturday, October 18, 2008

It continues...

A lot of things have come up in the space of 24 hours, so I thought I'd address a few of them.

First of all, thanks for all the responses, for or against. I've never actually felt properly overwhelmed, but the depth and breadth of reactions to this is absolutely incredible, to the point where I'm honestly not sure how to react to it all. I've included a list of the fellow bloggers who have responded in some way at the bottom, and I encourage anyone who's interested to read their takes, which have helped clarify some of my thoughts and feelings on everything and given me some new perspectives, all well being roundly good reads.

Secondly, I feel I should point out that Covered in Oil is not shutting down; I'm just leaving it. Mike W and Chris, the two founders of the blog and two people to whom I personally owe a large debt of gratitude for a variety of reasons, will keep on. I encourage you to keep reading their stuff.

Lastly, I want to clarify something for the people who have encouraged me to keep fighting the good fight, or some variation thereof. Though I appreciate your sentiments, to me keeping on is fighting the wrong fight. I understand the issues related to bloggers, their value and their growing importance in the media world. As Matt at BoA so eloquently put it, though, that's not the drum I'm interested in beating. I respect the fact that the Oilers are a private organization who are free to issue their press passes to whoever they see fit. While I'm disappointed with their stance on bloggers, I also respect the fact that I violated their rules, even if I wasn't the only one to do it. What I don't respect is the fact that I was treated as someone acting maliciously or underhandedly; as I explained in an e-mail to the person I dealt with, I would have hoped the fact I was nothing but apologetic and cooperative was some indication of good will on my part. Naivete may not be an excuse, but it's an explanation, and at no point did it seem to me like the organization was interested in hearing even that. You're free to disagree with me all you want on this, but I feel a pretty good measure of character is how you act when you're in a position of power, and to me they acted with irrationality and pettiness; had they reacted with even a hint of either magnanimity or grace, I would have had no problem, even if their final decision was to revoke the pass.

Which brings me, again, to why I'm leaving. As I said before, this is really just the straw that broke the camel: the people I dealt with were in a position to act that way precisely because they know that one person, whether that person is a professional or a fan, doesn't mean spit. Since I posted last night, I've heard a few stories of the Oilers treating organizations and people with far more heft than I in a similar manner, which they're able to do precisely because they know there are plenty of people who'd be happy to take their place if they don't want to play by their rules, however arbitrary or small-minded. Again, I'll spare you the screed about what I think you should be doing with your free time, but for my part, I find that ridiculous for a wide variety of reasons, and I feel there are quite literally far more worthwhile ways to spend my time. I don't want to change the Oilers minds on anything; quite frankly, I don't want anything from them. I just wanted to explain to the (shockingly large number of) people who enjoyed my writing why I wouldn't be doing it anymore.

On that note, if you want to continue reading, I write for a lovely publication in Edmonton that I encourage you to pick up or check out online. And of course, please continue to read the fine work of Mike and Chris.

And again, just because I can't say it enough, thanks for reading and caring about this blog, now and in the past. I can only hope that I have the chance to experience something similar again.

The blog responses (with a big hat tip to Andy Grabia for tracking most of these down):

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Update: A few more. As always, thanks.

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And, of course, the original post, with comments.


Paulus said...

As a weirdo who doesn't post much, I'd like to thank you for supplying some superb reading to us poor, sodden folks. Been a slice, it has.

It may sound strange, but despite the bizarre opinions and zealous use of cussing, I've always found this blog to be one of the more professional-ish.

raventalon40 said...

Fair thee well, Dave.

amw said...

I think what has been missed by those citing the Oilers as a private organization who can set whatever rules they see fit is this: a long history of public-funded support. The team, its facility, the infrastructure surrounding it, their stylin' new dressing room and much, much more are (or have in the recent past been) subsidized by the public.

Add to this the emotional and monetary support we individually offer, and it is clear to me that the team, private or not, owes us a clear explanation of the events -- and a formal apology to Dave for its hypocrisy.

Scott said...

A sad day for you readers, but I'm glad that you are moving forward with confidence. Godspeed.

Steve said...

I have never posted before, but I feel compelled to do so now.

I discovered CiO while I was overseas. I was in a hostel searching the internet for anything Oilers related and discovered this gem of a site. I now check for updates every day.

Your contributions have made me smile over the years, and you will be missed. Farewell, good sir.

B.C.B. said...

I am with amw. People always worship at the alter of private business. But would that business exist without the love, time and money spend by thousands of Albertians. No.

Private business can do whatever they want and we defend them in the name of our freedom. Couldn't they have a bit of respect for us (you know not lie, posion, lay us off to make an extra buck).

I love the Oilers, but there control freak nature is pissing me off.

Lord Bob said...

If you don't like the way a private business... say, the Oilers... conducts themselves, easiest way to counter it is to not give them your patronage.

As I said in the last thread, I still love the Oilers as a team but I've been trying not to give the organisation a wooden nickel for several years now.

mike w said...

I still love the Oilers as a team but I've been trying not to give the organisation a wooden nickel for several years now.

And yet, I have a weakness for foam puckhats.

raventalon40 said...

I love the Oilers, but there control freak nature is pissing me off.

LT attributes it to youth in power that have no control. Or "tread lightly and carry a big stick" without the "tread lightly" part.

I guess it's the difference between loving a book but hating the paper it's printed on.

GOILERS, and long live CiO

Cliffster said...

For some reason, I'm not all that surprised given the NHL's ineptitude when it comes to connecting with it's fans. The reality is that bloggers reflect the views of the fans for the most part, and don't churn out the same mundane articles that we get from MSM. Good on you for keeping the blog rolling.

doritogrande said...

Oilersnation writer Robin Brownlee has his interpretation on the situation up now. As he was one of the persons accused of double standard treatment, it's worth the read.

buddhafisch said...

Sorry this all went down the way it did, man.

From the list of support you have with the heavy hitters in Wysh, Mirtle, Pens Blog, Fanhouse, et al, my support likely is not needed.

However, I wanted you to know that despite your questionable taste in hockey teams, you have support even in the den of the enemy.

Good luck in all your future writings, and if you find yourself in Minnesota, look me up. I'll buy you a beer. (None of that Canadian crap though, OK?)

Buddha said...

Here is another blog response:

DrFrankLives said...

If they dont understand the value your coverage brings to their team, screw em.

I've enjoyed following your blog since that little tete a tete we had back in 2006.

Keep up the good work. Sorry your team let you down.

Oh, and by the way, can we have Colesy back? Puhleeeeeeeeze?

Kirsten said...

I don't post often, but I read a lot.

I'll miss your writing. Good luck, the Wild blogosphere wishes you well.

Tony said...


As a fellow blogger I completely understand where you are coming from. wishes you well and respects your decision to walk away.

Anonymous said...

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